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Company Profile: Asad Films

Company Profile: Asad Films

Asad Films is a full service production company specializing in producing content that entertains, teaches and inspires while maintaining artistic and commercial credibility.

Our team is comprised of  talented executive producers, movie directors, movie producers and production managers. We work with A-list talent and tediously hand pick our scripts to produce original, groundbreaking movies. When viewers leave the theater we want them to be moved and inspired to tell others about the fascinating project they just saw.

Asad Films naturally maintains an international focus on documenting the living conditions outside of the U.S. Therefore, our films highlight the global disparities among us. Our goal is to create 3-to-5 small-budget films for the demographics of people who form the largest domestic and international movie-going audience. We know that a “small-budget film” appeals to this market is the shortest road to minimizing financial risk and realizing profits for our investors. Hence, our property acquisition, production schedule and selection of industry skill and talent are all geared toward this.

In addition, we provide full film and video services utilizing our team of talented, highly trained directors, cinematographers, photographers and editors working in film, television and the music video fields. We can create high quality productions for our client’s projects at substantially lower cost than what other productions houses are charging. We also stay on the cutting edge of modern technology, using the acclaimed RED One camera which amazingly captures a resolution of up to 4096 x 2304 pixels, directly to a flash drive or your computer.

Film Production Services:
Our goal is to provide clients with the best source of talented directors, cinematographers, photographers, editors and production staff for their project. We can provide all the services required from location permits to post- production. At Asad Films we are dedicated to providing the highest quality service, ensuring that our finished products are successful.

Video Production Services:
Video productions are used by both large and small businesses for many different purposes including marketing, sales presentations, and music videos using top of the line lighting, and Film equipment along with the newest state of the art technology in production.

Other full services we provide:

Feature Films
Red Carpet Interviews
Short Films
Television Pilots
Music Videos
Visit Asad Films on the web:

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