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Facebook Cartoon Picture Campaign Fights Violence Against Children…

Facebook Cartoon Picture Campaign Fights Violence Against Children…

If you haven’t noticed (or live under a rock), the latest trend to sweep Facebook is the cartoon profile picture  in support child abuse. While it seems everyone is jumping on the virtual train,  the exact origin of this campaign is not known and many reports now allege that a pedophile  started the trend to gain access to children’s Facebook accounts. With over 250 million people on Facebook I can’t even see how that is possible to track that so-called fact. Personally, I see this popular trend as a way for people to get involved and create awareness for child abuse in America & beyond. Surely, I can’t speak for you, but I  changed my profile picture  because I thought it was a noble cause and wanted to support a resurgence in political activism among Gen X & Y. Regardless of what the real story is, I don’t believe changing my profile picture to the CAREBEARS means I support pedophilia. LOL! This simple gesture creates some awareness on a social issue that desperately needs all of our attention because there are SO MANY KIDS that suffer in silence. As a person who grew up in a community with several abused children and spending my college years as child advocate in foster homes’ this issue is very very close to my heart. I truly believe that all of us can all make a difference in at least one child’s life. Maybe it starts with a simple profile picture change, but perhaps it ends with volunteering for your local Girls & Boys Club,  starting a mentoring program, adopting a child and/or more.

Be well & stay positive


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