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Valentine’s Nightmares

Valentine’s Nightmares

It was a night to remember….

The dining room table was dressed in a red satin tablecloth. A crystal vase that held five birds of paradise and baby’s breath sat in he middle of the table. Vanilla scented candles sat on both sides of the vase, on two shiny chrome holders. The shadow of the candle’s flames danced wildly on the ceiling to Luther Vandross’ “If Only for One Night” that played softly in the background. A bottle of whiter zinfandel sat in a chrome pail filled with ice. Everything was perfect, until your date, covered in hives, told you she is allergic to your secret ingredient in the sauce: nuts.

While many people cherish the special memories created on Valentine’s Day, there are other’s that equate February 14th with Friday the 13th. Engineer William Herndon will never forget one of his most embarrassing moments on that day.

“I planned the perfect evening for this girl I was dating for about two months. I wanted Valentine’s to be over the top. I reserved a table at the Space Needle, a spinning restaurant that sits above the city of Seattle. She told me she was afraid of heights, but I thought, ‘most people aren’t comfortable heights’. I told her it was no big deal,” Herndon said. “I should have known that she was serious during the ride in the elevator. She was holding her head in her hands by the time we were seated. Two minutes later she was throwing up in the bathroom. She demanded that I take her home, we haven’t spoke since.”

Devin Walker thought he’d planned the best Valentine’s Day ever for his girlfriend, now wife, Yolanda. Their cruise along the British Columbian coast was interrupted by a storm.

“I thought cruising the coast would be romantic. We had taken the mini cruise before during an earlier visit to Vancouver. We had a lovely dinner and stayed in an expensive hotel. Boy when we got out there in the dead of winter I nearly lost my mind,” said Walker. “Yolanda and I were huddled together in a corner of the ship. She was screaming at the crew to get off the ship but they couldn’t turn around because other couples had paid. She screamed at me too, she kept saying what were you thinking? What were you thinking? To this day I still don’t know what possessed me to book that cruise!”

Though many Valentine’s dates may go bad because of bad planning, many Valentine’s dates may go wrong because of the bad people involved.

Candace Reynolds says that Valentine’s Day is one of her favorite holidays, but one her least favorite experiences happened on that day. “ I was in a bad relationship with a very controlling man. He made reservations at a popular restaurant and reserved tickets for a beautiful ballet for that evening. I don’t remember what I did, I probably didn’t do anything, but he got mad at me. He grabbed the phone and cancelled both the reservations in my face. He was so pleased with himself, pleased because he knew how much those things meant to me. I guess he was saying the opposite, instead of ‘how much I care for you’ it was ‘how much I dislike and want to hurt you’. That was crazy. I got out of that relationship fast.”

Jonathon Travis can relate. Travis dated an elusive young woman that kept him guessing about most things. He never realized that he distance was because of another relationship.“I made plans to kick it with my girl for Valentine’s Day. We only saw each other when it was good for her, so I knew I had to make plans with her in advance. She called me an hour before we were supposed to hook up. Something about a sick uncle, something ridiculous. I decided to show up at her house anyway and surprise her with flowers. She answered the door hell of surprised, with her so-called ex-boyfriend of six years in tow. I threw down the flowers and walked away. That really hurt me.”

Valentine’s Day plans have the potential to go sour like any date. The key is to make the best of the situation and vow never to make the same mistakes again.

And ask your date if they have any allergies, or big ex boyfriends hanging around!

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