YouTube Marketing Consulting • Cecily Wiggins • Graphics + Web + Content
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YouTube Marketing Consulting


I’m a YouTube marketing consultant with over 8 years experience as a YouTube creator and consultant helping creators find their voice and showcase themselves in the best light. 

We can assist you with:

Extending your brand

Why YouTube

Navigating the Youtube Dashboard

Organizing channel,  content, playlists

Google Analytics

We develop strategies for:

Staging / lighting

Brainstorming video content

Organization/flow of content

On-camera delivery

Characters, persona, shtick

Content Creation:

Custom Intro/Outro

Title cards / Ending cards

Copy: Title, post description, tags

Content creation strategy & more


cut (1)

Video Editing

Promo video for Instagram or Facebook


Promo video for Instagram or Facebook

Copywriting Services

Title, captions, description, tags & hashtags


Graphic Design

Thumbnails, chyrons, animation, end cards


Staging, Camera techniques, Direction


Channel Overview

Learning the dashboard, analytics & more

Interested in learning about YouTube? Hire me as your YouTube marketing consultant! Contact me today for more information!