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How to Respond to Cyberbullies on Twitter

How to Respond to Cyberbullies on Twitter

Cyber bullying can happen to anyone. Don’t be a victim, follow these steps to get rid of the perpetrators!

One of the fake impersonation pages created by my harasser

  1. Don’t take the situation lightly. If someone is cyber-harassing you you have the right to be alarmed.
  2. Contact Twitter’s Customer Service. Keep Twitter in the loop, even if you aren’t sure if you have a case.  There were several accounts that I tried to remove that didn’t fit the criteria for removal, but they were eventually deleted because I kept following up.
  3. Make your account private. As the saying goes, clowns need an audience to perform, so don’t give your stalker a chance to see your reaction or to send messages to everyone on your friends list.  In addition, most stalkers will try to follow everyone you talk to. Making your account private will infuriate them because they have no idea how you are responding to their harassment.
  4. Don’t block their messages. This may be surprising to hear, because most people would take the passive aggressive route but I personally believe you that you shouldn’t turn a blind eye to cyber-harassment. Keep your account and eyes open.
  5. Take screenshots. Its very easy to change twitter usernames and the saavy stalker will change usernames as soon as they think you’ve read their messages. Take as many screenshots as you can before they delete their messages or their accounts.
  6. Contact the police. The police department can probably help your case to uncover the identity of your stalker by assisting you in obtaining their  ip address. In addition, filing a police report sends the message that you will not tolerate the abuse. In my case, I knew the harasser was a resident of Los Angeles so I went to the LAPD to create a police report against him just in case things progressed. I then tweeted, “just got back from the LAPD” and the harassment stopped soon thereafter.


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