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People remember me as [that] guy with the card

People remember me as [that] guy with the card

“Cecily designed these cards for me 5 years ago, and I still get compliments. There are times I’ve tried to give people my card and they say, “Hey, I know you. I think I have this card already!” Makes me feel good to know I have left a lasting impressing and established my personal brand.”

Shawn Atkins, Musician, Vocalist & Entrepreneur

Note from the designer: If your like most people in Los Angeles, acting isn’t your only job. Our buddy Shawn Atkins, a musician and talent manager needed one card to tastefully showcase his skills and a his thriving new business, Hoo Noo Productions. We opted to divide both the cards to showcase both Atkins’ musical side and added his management/production company on back. We designed these cards in 2005 and Atkins tells us he still receives compliments on the design.



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