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WordPress Services

How Can I Help You?

My name is Cecily and I have been a web and graphic designer working as a freelancer and for several DOT COMs for over a decade. Long before WordPress was the craze, I was busy designing custom Websites and Web banners based on html, php and css. Working as a freelancer and balancing my family life became an issue and I didn’t have the time to update code so WordPress became the obvious choice to streamline my marketing efforts. WordPress made my life easier and I was eager to share the benefits with my clients and anyone who has ever worked with me knows that unlike other designers that want to be your end-all be-all, I prefer to empower clients to use their websites so that I can be free to do the things I enjoy and servicing new clientele. I can teach you how to use WordPress, to create content and to support your business objectives.

Why WordPress?

Word­Press websites are a great choice for actors, small businesses and  non-profit organizations so we are happy to create a service with you in mind.  Please check out our WordPress Customization Services below:
WordPress is an open source CMS, often used as a blog publishing application powered by PHP and MySQL. The software is free and you can customize the design by using  themes/templates. While there are several quality themes you can use for free, there are several premium themes you can purchase  from $20 to $70.

Not everyone has a budget to spend $500+ on a Website, so our WordPress Customization Service is a viable solution for people who are trying to save money.  I will provide everything from basic installation of your WordPress software, to theme installation and customization. I will also offer suggestions for plugins, add-ons and more. Just present your ideas and I will do the rest!

WordPress Customization Services include:

  • WordPress software installation on your server
  • Theme installation
  • Basic theme customization which includes: adding your logo, a stylish banner or slider images, color scheme changes, content placement and contact information. If you are requesting any modifications that require additional programming for features that your template doesn’t provide out of the box, that will incur an additional cost. Please consult with me first if you want a custom feature and aren’t sure if the theme can perform in that way.
  • Standard plugins (sliders, contact form, social media buttons, and featured posts/pages)
  • WordPress Tutoring (available in some packages or à la carte)
  • WordPress Redesign/Services for existing WordPress Users (inquire for a free quotes)

Getting Started

Don’t delay, requesting a WordPress Customization  is a snap! And, depending on the amount of work needed, the process can take less than 3 business days! Interested to learn more and how this might work for You? Use the “Contact Me” button on the right to send a note ASAP!

WordPress Maintenance & Repair

Do you have a WordPress Website site that’s just steps away from being complete? I offer hourly and flat rates to help people finish their WordPress projects, repair broken plugins, and more.